Story Coffee Company

Downtown Colorado Springs holds many different photo ops. What with all the coffee shops, cafés, and places to hang out, you’re sure never to experience a dull moment! In fact, a couple of weeks ago, we happened to walk up to an elephant being showcased in the middle of the park! This elephant was SO magnificent and cool. I managed to grab a few shots of her (although I wish I could have snapped a few with Fletcher standing close-by, but alas, Fletcher was flipping out. Turns out, she doesn’t like being close to elephants).Fletcher does, however, like visiting different and unique coffee houses. This teeny tiny coffee house – called Story Coffee Company – is right in the center of downtown Colorado Springs. We walk by it all the time and I decided to take some pictures!The owner of Story is very friendly and easy to talk to. He’s used to having people take pictures of his coffee shop, so he continued to do his thing while I tried my best to make my 35mm lens work for this tiny shop. Although I wasn’t able to bring Myles in (he was in the stroller), Fletcher loved the bar stools! We will definitely be visiting this place again soon!

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