Spring Is Here

You guys, it was 80 degrees today in the Springs!! I opened every window in our house and it was just the pleasant-ist.

Two cool things happened today: First, Marlowe is officially enrolled in gymnastics and she got to go today! She loves it and talked about it before/after nonstop. Second, I ran into a seriously old friend, and it was SO FREAKING COOL to see her! I had no idea she moved to Colorado Springs! I went around the corner of the gymnastics studio, and there she was. We both stopped moving, stood there for a second, and took in the sight of each other. Then we both screamed – as women do when they get excited, amiright? – and hugged each other! I might have been jumping up and down while doing so, I don’t know. It was kind of a blur. Small world!

So, ok, back to my post. I am in love with spring clothing! Marlowe and I have matching hats (mine is [here]) and I plan on being twins a lot this year. So long, winter… I realize that after saying that, it’s probably going to snow again soon. That’s just the way it is here, I guess.

Have a wonderful week!

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