I have to apologize in advance. This is not my typical happy-go-lucky, everything-is-wonderful post. I am writing this to tell you all a little bit of what’s been going on and to ask for prayer. We really, really need prayer for peace, joy, and hope.

As many of you know, my husband has been gone for work since the beginning of September. It’s been a long 5 months, but we’ve only got three more weeks to go! Since he left, many things have happened which have rocked our world.

First, I drove from Colorado to North Carolina with my two daughters (Marlowe, 4, and Fletcher, 2), a dog named Charlie, and a cat named Eddie. And I can’t forget my mom, who flew from NC in order to drive back with us and help me out! We are in NC until mid-February, which is when I will be driving back to CO (hopefully I don’t go into labor on the way, because as of this past Tuesday, I am 33 weeks along).

Second, Charlie was the victim of a hit-and-run just outside my parents house in October. It was quite traumatic, driving him to the vet while he was bleeding everywhere in the car. I was devastated when we found out how extensive his injuries were; making the decision to put him to sleep was very difficult. Telling my husband over FaceTime was also very difficult. Shawn really loved Charlie, and he probably won’t feel the full effects of his buddy’s death until he returns home.

Third, we received news not too long after Charlie’s death that one of our friends also died unexpectedly. I was able to fly back to Colorado for the memorial service and funeral at the end of November – it was good to see my sweet friends and give the family hugs, but I wish it was under different circumstances. This is still affecting us all, so please continue to pray for his wife and two young sons.

Fourth, my wonderful mother-in-law was recently diagnosed with cancer. This was a huge shock, and we are still reeling from the news. Please join us in praying for peace and joy for my parents-in-law, as well as a full recovery from all her surgeries and chemo.

Fifth, we found out that one of our precious son’s kidneys is underdeveloped. Shawn and I made a decision together that this wasn’t something we needed to worry about. God has our son in His hands, and He is capable of healing him. Although this news almost threw me right over the edge, I was able to take a few deep breaths and realize that many people lead normal lives with just one kidney.

Sixth, my husband told me a few weeks ago that we won’t be moving from Colorado anytime soon, like we’d originally thought. The matter is complicated, so here’s what it boils down to: Shawn will most likely have to go away again. Although it won’t be six months this time, we are still looking at three-and-a-half months. I will remain in CO while he’s gone; traveling to NC is out of the question because our oldest child will be going to Kindergarten next year. This isn’t a big deal. I know this. And yet, if I can bare all and be completely honest, I am still fearful of parenting three young children alone for that long.

There are also a few other significant health problems with family members that I won’t get into right now, but I just wanted to share that my family and I are a bit overwhelmed with all the bad news over the past five months and it would be nice to start receiving some good news, so please pray for that.

However, in all of this, we still have so much to be grateful for. God really does work all things together for the good of those who love Him – I am seeing that even death can be redeemed.

So, if there’s anything you take away from this post, let it be summed up in one word: HOPE. This is not the end. We still have our lives to live, whether it’s one day or many years. And even then, it is not the end. For those of us who have chosen to believe that Jesus died as payment for our sins, and that He was truly God, we have an eternity in Heaven to look forward to.

“Jesus answered, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’ ” – John 14:6




2017 was a roller-coaster year for our family. Up until September, I would gladly say that 2017 was our best year ever. However, once Shawn left things took a turn with constant bombardment of bad news – which I won’t get into right now. I want to begin this post with a positive attitude. So I’ll start with January, 2017, which found us in Vail, CO on a fun ski trip (above and below).In early February, my sister and her husband came to visit so we took them on a tour up in Denver, which is where we visited Hammond’s candy factory where we got to see how they make homemade candy and chocolate (and tried quite a few samples as well, above). We also went to Garden of the Gods in the Springs, which is where I took pictures of my sister and bro-in-law, below.Fast forward a few months, and Fletcher was walking around like a champ by March; apparently, we have late-walkers in our family (below).In May (above), there was a ball for my husband’s work and we all got to dress up and feel like kings and queens for a day – not to mention the fact that we had childcare so we were kid-free!! And below is just a picture I took in front of our neighborhood because the lighting was perfect!

In early summer of 2017, my girls accompanied me on a very special photo shoot at Red Rock Canyon where we took pictures of our good friends and their baby girl! It was so beautiful that I couldn’t help but shoot a few of Fletcher hanging out on her blanket and Marlowe enjoying the scenery, below.Below is one of my favorite pictures of Marlowe and her daddy, taken at the beginning of June. I’ll remember this day forever; it was warm and balmy, and all our house windows were open with a light breeze flowing throughout our house. Shawn and Marlowe were just sitting together, relaxing on the couch and cracking jokes, so I grabbed my camera and shot the most perfect picture!!

Flash forward a few weeks, and on June 23rd my beautiful Fletcher had her second birthday (below)! She was all smiles while eating her pink cake (I believe I ate the majority of that cake, if we’re being honest). Shawn had two weeks of vacation at the beginning of July, so we took a trip to Red River, NM (above). It was such a relaxing and enjoyable stay with nothing to do but spend uninterrupted time together as a family! After that, we traveled to Texas to visit Shawn’s family. The highlight of our trip was going to the Dallas Zoo (below) where the girls thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the animals!Surprise! One week later, we found out we were pregnant with our third (and final) baby, so we gathered together later on to take one last shot as a family, above, before Shawn left in September. It seems like the picture above was taken a lifetime ago, with so much happening afterward that we simply weren’t prepared for. I’m so glad we were able to take the time to do a mini shoot together.

The picture above was taken on October 31st, on one of the most fun days of the year: Halloween! Fletcher was a fairy princess and Marlowe was a cat. The adults, however, went as Harry Potter characters – click [here] to see us in all our glory!!! Below is a picture of my sweet girls playing just outside our favorite place in North Carolina, Morris Farm Market (taken just before Thanksgiving). The pictures above were taken when my mom and I were in the Outer Banks, NC. It looks a bit cold because of my outfit, but the truth is that it was cloudy, around 73 degrees, and slightly windy; the most perfect weather anyone could ever ask for!!

I just had to include the picture above of my two girls watching a video on YouTube, above. Don’t ask me what video it was, I have no idea. But I love when they get along like that, sitting and cuddling together! This last picture, above, was taken in Asheville, NC (yes, we have certainly done our fair share of traveling over the last year) at the most beautiful waterfall! The girls may not have enjoyed the short hike to get there, but it was well worth it in the end! From left to right: Marlowe, me, my sisters Tiffany and Chanelle, and Fletcher.

And that’s it! Those are my favorite pictures of 2017 – I hope you enjoyed scrolling through them, and I pray you all have a wonderful, blessed 2018!

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since I married my best friend. Although I wish he were here to celebrate it with me, I’ll make do with posting a little love note about him.

Shawn’s quiet personality was what drew me to him twelve years ago. Oh, and his muscles (he was wearing a cutofff shirt when I first met him and I was impressed). But the more I got to know him, the more I fell in love with who he is. He loves the Lord. He is wise beyond his years. He is consistent across the board, which complements my roller-coaster-of-a-personality perfectly. He is supportive. He loves me deeply, as well as his children.

I respect him more than anyone I know.

Happy Anniversary, lovely. I miss you and I love you very much. See you soon.