There are a lot of amazing places in Colorado Springs – and I am only just now realizing that I haven’t really taken advantage of the plethora of cool coffee houses, art institutes, museums, cafés, play houses, libraries, parks, and hiking trails. I could go on and on.

We only have about 5 weeks here in Colorado Springs until we temporarily move to NC for the Fall semester, so I’ve planned a heck-of-a-lot until we take off. Luckily, my kids go stir crazy if they don’t get out every day (I’ve created mini-me monsters). No joke, Marlowe asks me literally every night where we’re going the next day haha.

Today’s adventure took Fletcher, Myles, and me to a place called The Wild Goose Meeting House (Marlowe was in VBS). It’s a really cool and eclectic café that serves the most delish raspberry iced tea! In fact, I’ve been impressed with every drink and food item I’ve had there! If you live in the Springs, you definitely need to check this place out – especially in early summer when they have the garage doors open and a cool breeze flows through the entire place. So relaxing!

You guys. I seriously didn’t even tell Fletcher to pose for these pictures. She. Just. Did. It. 😀 😀 😀

To say that Fletcher is the world’s biggest ham when it comes to pictures is a major understatement. She’s very aware of the camera and  – when she’s in a good mood and well rested – she immediately poses when she sees it. Yeah, she’s definitely a (prior) photographer’s daughter. Anyway, I’m very proud of my middle child. She has the most happy and sanguine personality that rubs off on everyone she comes into contact with. I look forward to seeing her bring joy to others as she grows older!

And as for Myles – I am absolutely loving seeing his personality come forward as he continues to grow. He is very reactive – he will smile at anyone who smiles at him. He’s only four-months-old and he’s already the chattiest kid I know. Even more than Marlowe! I’ll end with this: although this is the busiest I’ve ever been, I am really enjoying this season of life. Psalms 127 sums it up perfectly: “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him” – and I agree! I can’t believe God gave me these three amazing kids! 

Although Myles is four-months-old now, I had yet to post these newborn pictures I took of him and his sister, Marlowe. I figured it was time. 😉

Marlowe has always been so gentle and sweet with Myles. She loved him from the moment she found out she was going to get a little brother. She would constantly rub my belly and “talk” to Myles. When he was born, all Marlowe wanted to do was hold him. To this day, she is just the most patient and loving big sister! I can’t wait to see these two grow up together!

PS Keep your eyes peeled for pictures of Fletcher and Myles – I’m posting next week!