Although Myles is four-months-old now, I had yet to post these newborn pictures I took of him and his sister, Marlowe. I figured it was time. 😉

Marlowe has always been so gentle and sweet with Myles. She loved him from the moment she found out she was going to get a little brother. She would constantly rub my belly and “talk” to Myles. When he was born, all Marlowe wanted to do was hold him. To this day, she is just the most patient and loving big sister! I can’t wait to see these two grow up together!

PS Keep your eyes peeled for pictures of Fletcher and Myles – I’m posting next week!

This year’s mini-holiday to New Mexico was so much fun! We got a chance to see a whole new side of Taos that I never knew existed. This gorge is such a beautiful landmark and I am so happy we got a chance to spend some time here. I seriously should have taken more pictures. Although I will say this: I really like to live in the moment, and grabbing my camera really takes away from the moment. I’ve found that taking pictures right off the bat, then enjoying the rest of our time together as a family is the best balance for us!

I think I win the award for posting the fewest pictures of my newborn (who isn’t even a newborn anymore). Yeaaaaah… Myles will be four-months-old on the 21st, and I think I’ve posted, like, three times since he was born. That’s why I’m playing catch-up today!

Above and below are pictures that I took when Myles was about 3-weeks-old.

Myles was about 5-weeks in the pictures below. Just learning how to smile!And below are the most recent pictures I took of Myles, when he was a little over three-months. He’s all smiles these days and he’s sleeping through the night (oh MAN was I happy when he started doing this at about 6.5 weeks… Now all three of my kiddos are sleeping through the night and I feel like a new person)!