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Myles Ryan

I think I win the award for posting the fewest pictures of my newborn (who isn’t even a newborn anymore). Yeaaaaah… Myles will be four-months-old on the 21st, and I think I’ve posted, like, three times since he was born. That’s why I’m playing catch-up today!

Above and below are pictures that I took when Myles was about 3-weeks-old.

Myles was about 5-weeks in the pictures below. Just learning how to smile!And below are the most recent pictures I took of Myles, when he was a little over three-months. He’s all smiles these days and he’s sleeping through the night (oh MAN was I happy when he started doing this at about 6.5 weeks… Now all three of my kiddos are sleeping through the night and I feel like a new person)!

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