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Well, hello guys! It’s been a while, huh… So, I was visiting my parents’ in North Carolina in May, and I decided to bring my computer with me so I could get some work done. It was halfway through my visit that my sister, Tiffany, and I talked about my visit to their new flat in Ann Arbor, MI. I realized that I would have to drive, and I had a lot of decorations that I wanted to buy and bring with me. Long story short, I decided to leave my computer at my folks’ place to make room for all the decor I’d be driving with to Matt and Tiff’s new place (I knew I’d be back to visit my parents not long after I drove to my sister’s). It was the LONGEST two months without my computer. I didn’t realize how often I would need it. In retrospect, it was an awful idea, and I will never make that call again. I can’t live that long without editing my photos!!!

All of this goes to say that I have a lot of blog posts coming your way.

Today’s post features my sister and brother-in-law’s new flat in Ann Arbor. It is seriously the greatest place! I wish I had time to take more photos of the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms, but I shot these photos on our way out the door (we were driving to my Aunt’s place in Niagara Falls, Canada, that morning).

Anyway, I can’t wait to go back and visit so we can hang out in their gorgeous clubhouse, workout in their awesome weight room, and chill by the pool. It’s like a resort, honestly! Oh, and did I mention that Ann Arbor is one of the highest-ranked places to live in the United States? What a beautiful place; and Matt and Tiff live in the heart of the city! I’m actually so jealous!

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