Marlowe’s Room

I am starting to get overwhelmed with the amount of stuff in our house. SO MUCH STUFF. And so much of it is unnecessary – like the decor which overcrowds the table beside our couch. There isn’t even room to set a cup down… And that’s what it’s is there for! I also feel like our kitchen counters are overcrowded with decor, too. I’m telling you, when we move, I’m going to be downsizing.

Simple is better.

That’s kinda’ the motto I had in mind when I decorated Marlowe’s room. There is very little clutter, which makes it easier to child-proof a bedroom. Each piece has meaning and was chosen with care.

My favorite part about my sweet girl’s bedroom is the “mountain wall”. I am really picky, so painting it wasn’t easy. Before applying the base coat, I had to tape the wall just right so the mountains would look the way I wanted them to. I’m not joking when I say that I taped and re-taped about 7 times before it looked right. It wasn’t easy, and it took all day. BUT!!! Totally worth it! I love it, and I will probably do it at our next house!

P.S. When I say that we’re moving, I don’t mean anytime soon, for those of you who are wondering. I just know that somewhere down the line, we will be packing our things and saying goodbye to Colorado. And to be honest, I’m more than ready to get the heck out of here asap… I’m eager to live in a place where the freaking sun isn’t shining 300 days out of the year. Yuck (give me cloudy days, all of my days)!

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