How to Create an Outdoor Oasis

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It’s quite simple, really. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to create an amazing outdoor environment, nor do you have to have a lot of space – we certainly don’t! My favorite place to shop for inexpensive and stylish outdoor furniture is [At Home]. We bought our chairs from there for $35 per chair. We also bought all our outdoor cushions from there as well, and I absolutely love them!

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We bought our fire pit from [] for a great price, but I would recommend looking through your local Craigslist before buying new. My close friend bought theirs for $25 as opposed to the typical $200 fire pit. OutdoorOasis (3)OutdoorOasis (4)

It’s important to include multiple surfaces in your outdoor oasis to place items on, such as important Starbucks mugs full of yummy tea. I found our orange folding tray table in the outdoor section of At Home for a great price. Also, be sure to check out Lowes or Home Depot for outdoor tables, because I got my turquoise one below for less than $20!!OutdoorOasis (5)OutdoorOasis (6)

To give your outdoor oasis an eclectic and cozy atmosphere, don’t forget to include lanterns of all shapes and sizes. The key is to create multiple “levels”; use books or boxes to create various heights in which your decor is placed. Each of my lanterns is at a different height, as seen below. And finally, if you don’t have the space to create a garden, potted plants are a great option! The more, the better, in my opinion! Just don’t go too overboard, or it may look cramped. OutdoorOasis (7)

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