Fletcher’s Shower







This past weekend went by way too fast. I guess that’s what happens when every single minute is planned out. 😉

Fletcher’s flower shower was a big success! I decorated almost everything on Saturday morning (I won’t mention that I woke up at 4 AM, thanks to my husband, who was jet lagged and couldn’t stop squirming around) and that worked out well. Blowing up all those balloons took a while, but it went by surprisingly fast! I guess it helps when I really enjoy doing stuff like that.

The cake was AMAZING (in part, because I didn’t bake it myself haha) and thanks to Target, picking it up was a breeze. All I asked for was a plain white cake with no borders, butter-creme icing, marble batter and raspberry filling. When I got home, I placed the purple flowers on top in about 5 minutes.

The French Macarons were from Whole Foods’ bakery. I love that place. And the macarons tasted so flippin’ good and light. Have you ever tried one? I suggest you go eat one right now.

I was so pleased to see everyone; we had a blast hanging out and talking about baby stuff (a few of my guests were pregnant, and a few others had just given birth to babies)! We did miss a few peeps who weren’t able to come, though.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for the amazing gifts and diapers (especially the diaper-flowers and diaper-cake; such creativity)! They will be put to great use, haha!

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