Faux Jeffrey Campbell Cors Lace-Ups

Crop-Top (5)


Guys. These amazing shoes are so adorable, versatile and COMFORTABLE!!! I want to wear them with every single outfit, and the truth is, they kinda’ go with everything I wear. They can be casual or dressy. I just love them so much!

The original shoes sold at Anthropology are wayyyyy to expensive for me. So, naturally, about two months ago I started searching for some look-a-likes. I don’t know why I didn’t search Amazon in the first place, because it was there that I finally found shoes that look so similar. I bought them about a month before I started my commitment to not shop for any clothing for myself for three months, so that’s lucky. 😉

Anyway, there are two different colors, I think. Find them here, for about $120 cheaper than the originals:
[Beston Lace-Up Heels]

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