DIY Ottoman


Our house is an ever-changing, ever-evolving thing. My husband is constantly annoyed with my projects. I don’t really care too much, because in the end they always seem to work out. Sometimes, though, it takes a little more effort.

Take this ottoman, for example. It was a little more work than I had originally thought it would be. I was also pretty nervous about the material; it didn’t really match anything in our house! I got it on sale at Joann for $8 a yard, which is pretty pricey, if you ask me. (I used [this 50% off coupon]!) The ottoman was on sale at TJ Maxx for only $50, though, so I figured I could splurge a bit on cute fabric.

A word of advice: When you’re looking to cover an ottoman, or any piece of furniture, with fabric, make sure you take measurements. I eyeballed the thing before going to get fabric, and it turns out that it was definitely not long enough on one side.


So, I took the measurements (below) and tried to sew the fabric together on my sewing machine. Wrong. Don’t try to sew faux fur when you don’t really know what you’re doing, which was my case precisely. (That’s another thing my husband hates: I pretty much wing it when it comes to… well, everything. Crafts, sewing, cooking, baking. Dumb.) The stupid thing wouldn’t sew properly and it ended up breaking my needle. So much for that.


I ended up using my [staple gun], which is a very handy thing to have, and the whole thing is put together with staples. The glorious thing is that you can’t tell because the fur is so thick! The seams are on either side of the top of the ottoman (sorry for the horrible explanation, it doesn’t seem to be a good day for advanced vocabulary for me. Maybe I’ll come back on a better day and edit this post. Maybe). Since the fabric was too short, I figured it’d look best to have 2 strips on either side, and one long strip going from one end to the other. (No matter how many times I read this paragraph, it doesn’t seem to get any better or easier to understand. And I’m the one writing it!)

So there you have it. The world’s worst DIY post with the world’s worst explanation. Good luck making your own. Maybe you should YouTube it.



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