Christmas Cruise for the Win

What a way to end 2018!! A fun night in Baltimore followed by a week-long cruise in the Caribbean! Talk about the best Christmas presents ever – I think I’m going to ask for an all-inclusive for a Christmas present this year haha.

At the beginning of the cruise, we went to a comedy routine. Normally, I don’t think a lot of comedians are funny (sorry, I’m just picky) but this guy was frickin’ hilarious. He had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt! I would say that was the highlight of our time on the cruise. And the highlight of our time OFF the cruise was definitely our time on the beach, drinking bottomless rum punch from a coconut. I don’t know why, but drinking from a coconut makes it so much more fun than drinking from a regular, boring cup. Seriously, though, I have really good memories of this time with my sisters and their hunnies. Fun times!

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