Crop Top & Pencil Skirt

Crop-Top&Lace-Ups (1)Crop-Top&Lace-Ups (2)Crop-Top&Lace-Ups (3)Crop-Top&Lace-Ups (4)Crop-Top&Lace-Ups (5)

On the 22nd of this month, I will have gone two months without clothing shopping for myself, and I’m finding that it’s easier than I had previously expected. Mind over matter. I don’t tempt myself by going into malls, or if I’m in departments stores, I don’t even allow myself a glance at the clothing section. My overall goal when I committed to no clothing shopping for three months was to release myself of the mentality that more clothing equals more happiness. My good friend, Karla S., eloquently told me her new motto is to, “value experiences over things,” and I couldn’t agree more. So when I’m bored, which can often lead to shopping, I decide to plan on taking the girls somewhere to experience new things.

Anyway, I’m having a blast putting outfits together from my existing wardrobe and today’s post is how to make an outfit go from day to night. A fantastic way to do this is to add a statement piece and simplify it. Remove all excess clothing items – such as the cardi I was wearing in the first 3 photos – and change up the shoes if needed. The shoes I’m wearing can be worn day or night, so I chose to keep them on (click [here] to see my basic review on the lace-up shoes and discover where to get your own)!

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