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This year’s mini-holiday to New Mexico was so much fun! We got a chance to see a whole new side of Taos that I never knew existed. This gorge is such a beautiful landmark and I am so happy we got a chance to spend some time here. I seriously should have taken more pictures. Although I will say this: I really like to live in the moment, and grabbing my camera really takes away from the moment. I’ve found that taking pictures right off the bat, then enjoying the rest of our time together as a family is the best balance for us!

When Myles was about 4 weeks old, we decided to take a trip to Texas – I felt like I had pretty much recovered from having a kid, so that was a plus! First, we stopped just north of Dallas to visit Shawn’s parents. I always have so much fun visiting them, and this time was no different. My favorite time spent with Tom and Karen is when the kids are in bed and we play cards for hours – SO fun!Next, we drove south to Austin, which is somewhere I’ve never been and always wanted to go! We rented a flat in the middle of downtown, so we got to walk everywhere anytime we wanted to venture out – which wasn’t as often as you might think since there was an outdoor pool area! In fact, the best afternoon during the entire week was when Shawn and I sun bathed while the girls played in the pool.Myles might not remember, but he had a good time napping underneath the palm trees. SO relaxing.We walked everywhere and got to do some fantastic sight-seeing. Marlowe and Fletcher had a blast looking at this awesome bike statue-thing (below), so I had to snap a few pictures. Naturally.Although I will admit that walking all day was pretty hard on the girls, they acted like troupers and were very well-behaved while Shawn and I had our nightly drinks. Snacks definitely helped, haha! Honestly, this was one of the most exciting and fun trips we’ve taken as a family. We will definitely go back to Austin!

This week is full of reminiscing for me. I look back on this past summer and marvel at the traveling we did (keep your eyes peeled for our trip to TX to visit Shawn’s family, coming soon!!!) and the time we spent with family. I especially want to take the time to thank the most awesome, selfless, giving mom anyone could ask for! This past June, my mom flew out to Colorado Springs this past summer JUST to help me drive back to NC (30+ hours) so my family could help me watch the girls. We had one day to rest before our trip, so we decided to make a trip to the Stanley Market in Aurora. What a cool place!! We had a lot of fun looking around at the cool shops and eating in the trendy restaurants. We loved it!

While I have you here, and while I’m bragging about my amazing mom, I also want to thank my entire family – mom, dad, Tiffany, and Chanelle – for helping me with the girls when Shawn is traveling. They take turns watching the girls while I run errands, catch up on school work, grocery shop, and have the occassional moment by myself. Nobody ever complains.

My family will also feed Marlowe and Fletcher when they need to, change the most disgusting diapers, give baths, pick out clothing for the day, play with them, and give them swimming lessons, among so many other things. The best part? I never have to awkwardly ask my family to help out, they just do it. They see a need and they do what they can to fulfill that need.

During this difficult time away from my husband, I could not have asked for anything as amazing as my family. They take a load off my shoulders and make my stay here in North Carolina not only pleasant, but completely stress-free. I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to juggle my intense work-load while caring for my girls. I don’t have to worry about childcare when I start my internship next week, either! God is so good to me, and He has shown me unfailing love and encouragement through my family members! Thank you mom, dad, Tiff, and Chanelle, I love you guys!!!