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I’m very excited to announce that my dear friend has started her own clothing company! Check it out at, you won’t regret it (and you might see a familiar face)!
The clothing I’ve featured on this blog post are a few of my favorite items from Neon Luxe. I’ve paired their criss-cross top with their adorable – and super comfortable – black jeans. I love black-on-black, especially when you add a statement piece, like the vest I’m wearing in the pictures above.
I’m very excited to share Neon Luxe with you; their clothing items are made of amazing material, so they last. Not only that, but they are pretty much the most comfortable pieces you’ll own! Click on the link above and treat yourself – and don’t forget to check out their adorable shoes!

Left: Charcoal off the shoulder top Right: Off white fuzzy vest

Left: White eyelet bell sleeve blouse (bell sleeves are making a major comeback this season!) Right: In full bloom mini dress

I’ll be featuring Neon Luxe quite a bit in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for more of my favorite pieces! Coming soon!





Crop-Top&Lace-Ups (1)Crop-Top&Lace-Ups (2)Crop-Top&Lace-Ups (3)Crop-Top&Lace-Ups (4)Crop-Top&Lace-Ups (5)

On the 22nd of this month, I will have gone two months without clothing shopping for myself, and I’m finding that it’s easier than I had previously expected. Mind over matter. I don’t tempt myself by going into malls, or if I’m in departments stores, I don’t even allow myself a glance at the clothing section. My overall goal when I committed to no clothing shopping for three months was to release myself of the mentality that more clothing equals more happiness. My good friend, Karla S., eloquently told me her new motto is to, “value experiences over things,” and I couldn’t agree more. So when I’m bored, which can often lead to shopping, I decide to plan on taking the girls somewhere to experience new things.

Anyway, I’m having a blast putting outfits together from my existing wardrobe and today’s post is how to make an outfit go from day to night. A fantastic way to do this is to add a statement piece and simplify it. Remove all excess clothing items – such as the cardi I was wearing in the first 3 photos – and change up the shoes if needed. The shoes I’m wearing can be worn day or night, so I chose to keep them on (click [here] to see my basic review on the lace-up shoes and discover where to get your own)!

Blazer (1)Blazer (2)Blazer (3)Blazer (4)Blazer (5)

Guys, nothing is cuter than combining business with casual! Pairing a blazer with a patterned top – frills or fringe on the tank top are an added bonus – and some distressed jean shorts is one of my favorite go-to outfits!

My lovely sister, Tiffany, is my model for this outfit. Ok, honestly, these pictures were originally taken for her blog (check that out [here], she lives in England and she loves to write about her traveling adventures!! Super cool to read) but I love her outfit so much that I just had to write about it! That’s the reason why I don’t include any full-body shots, which are pretty important for fashion posts.

Anyway, I love her neutral blazer and frilly top! She’s wearing jeans with this outfit, but I like to wear jean shorts in the warmer seasons. Much more comfortable.

Find similar items here – all of which are reasonably priced 🙂 :
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