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Now that I’m dedicating the time to catch up on blogging, I thought this would be the perfect time to reminisce on this past summer. We thought we’d take advantage of living within a few hours of Red River, NM to go visit the quaint, beautiful town. Little did we know it at the time, but I was about one week pregnant, which explains the constant stops we had to make while “hiking” (how much hiking can you do with two kids under 4 years of age, though, for real?). Everything was so amazing and Shawn and I both cherished every moment – including our chalet, which housed a full kitchen, dining room, living room, and two bedrooms upstairs. We only wished we could have stayed longer!



Eddie is over two years old now, so he’s almost fully-grown… He’s 18 lbs now, but he’ll probably get up to 25! Eddie is a [Ragdoll] cat – and yes, that’s a real breed. We got him from the same breeder as our first Ragdoll cat, Tony. In fact, they are brothers. Unfortunately, Tony passed away from a heart attack over two years ago, which was horrible to witness. Actually, we haven’t really had a lot of luck when it comes to cats. This is our fourth cat in almost ten years of marriage!! We’re hoping that Eddie lives a long and healthy life!

Anyway, I don’t really blog a lot about our animals (we also have a dog named Charlie), but I saw a few perfect photo opportunities and couldn’t help myself. And since I’ve got your attention, I wanted to tell you a bit about our dog-cat. He has to be an indoor cat because he’s not very suspicious. He trusts everyone, and he’s incredibly social – all our friends can attest. He’s very patient with both our girls – Marlowe drags him around the house by the tail and Fletcher likes to hug the crap outta’ him. He does nothing to stop those daily shenanigans – he doesn’t even run away!

We love our big boy, and although the reason we got him was very sad – Tony passed away so our breeder offered to give Eddie to us for free – I really enjoy having him around. I must admit that at first he was wayyyy too crazy, what with his attempts at escaping every time we opened the front door and jumping on top of the counter to steal food, but he’s settled down now and Shawn and I really love him. And the girls do, too! ๐Ÿ˜‰


BestOf2016 (1)
2017 is here now, which is weird (it’s been 17 years since y2k and it feels like I’m old), and I’ve been wanting to post my favorite pictures of 2016. You may not recognize a lot of these photos because I haven’t gotten around to posting them on my blog yet – don’t worry. I’ll give a little background story at the bottom of each photo so you’re not lost! ๐Ÿ˜‰

BestOf2016 (2)

Fletcher was barely 7 months old (above) and she never stopped smiling. I’m glad I was able to have some action shots of me shooting my sweet little gal.

BestOf2016 (3)

Fletcher was about 7 1/2 months old here.

BestOf2016 (4)

It was March and actually warm outside, so Marlowe and I took some photos on our front porch.

BestOf2016 (5)

This photo is probably the most accurate of them all. My obsession: Starbucks Strawberry Acaii refresher, Trenta, sub the water for Cool Lime Refresher and no ice. Try it.

BestOf2016 (6)

This was taken at the end of May, right after I found this $3 denim hat from Baby Gap!

BestOf2016 (7)

Our Ragdoll cat, Edward, does this all the time. He’s such a curious fellow.

BestOf2016 (8)

This picture was taken at the beginning of May while I was visiting my parents in North Caroline. Fletcher was still at the stage where she didn’t immediately pull off the adorable headbands I put on her.

BestOf2016 (9)

Self portrait – June.

BestOf2016 (10)
This was taken just before Marlowe turned 3 years old!

BestOf2016 (11)

June 23rd – Fletcher turned one!!

BestOf2016 (12)

July – Marlowe’s 3rd birthday party!

BestOf2016 (13)

I’ve tried to post pictures in chronological order, but this one managed to sneak past me. My FIL, Tom, took this at Shawn’s brother’s wedding in March. Easter weekend, as a matter of fact!

BestOf2016 (14)

This was taken in July. It is miserably trying to get a picture where both girls are smiling at the same time haha.

BestOf2016 (15)

Self portrait – August.

BestOf2016 (16)

This was taken during my visit to Canada. On my right (your left) is my cousin Kasia. On my left is my cousin Bronte. That was the week that my parents took the girls so I was completely on my own… and LOVING it!! I adore my children, but having a week off while visiting cousins in Toronto was amaaaazing.

BestOf2016 (17)

September – when I realized that I wouldn’t be teaching Marlowe how to play the piano any time soon. The kid was all over the place and impossible to teach!!

BestOf2016 (18)

My MIL and FIL came to visit in September for a long weekend. Marlowe was a lucky girl what with having a second birthday party!

BestOf2016 (19)

October – Marlowe wanted me to take a picture with her and Charlie in her new puffer vest.

BestOf2016 (20)

October – Shawn and I posed for a few pictures together.

BestOf2016 (21)

November – Marlowe and Fletcher were in relatively good moods and the lighting outside was beautiful. What better time to take a couple thousand pictures, only to get ONE that was decent?

BestOf2016 (22)

November – It’s been two years since Marlowe fell asleep in the high chair, so I had to snap this.

BestOf2016 (23)

Fletcher was in a kissy mood, and she wouldn’t let go of Shawn’s face!

BestOf2016 (24)

My family came to visit during Christmas, and wouldn’t you know it – I barely took any pictures. I think this was the one afternoon that my camera made it out of the bag (Mom took the picture below while Marlowe and I were dancing to some good beats).

BestOf2016 (25)BestOf2016 (26)

Fletcher loves Eddie. What more can I say?

BestOf2016 (27)Marlowe looks so old to me in this one. She is getting better and better at following my instructions during our rare photo shoots, which is seriously awesome. I wanted more of a somber picture of her to hang on our wall, and I just love the one above.