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I think I win the award for posting the fewest pictures of my newborn (who isn’t even a newborn anymore). Yeaaaaah… Myles will be four-months-old on the 21st, and I think I’ve posted, like, three times since he was born. That’s why I’m playing catch-up today!

Above and below are pictures that I took when Myles was about 3-weeks-old.

Myles was about 5-weeks in the pictures below. Just learning how to smile!And below are the most recent pictures I took of Myles, when he was a little over three-months. He’s all smiles these days and he’s sleeping through the night (oh MAN was I happy when he started doing this at about 6.5 weeks… Now all three of my kiddos are sleeping through the night and I feel like a new person)!

Having our third – and final – child was such a wonderful experience. I realize I haven’t shared with you much about our time at the hospital, so I’d love to do that now. Grab yourself a snack, here we go!

Shawn was gone for 6 of the 9 months I was pregnant, but he was able to make it home with a couple of weeks to spare before Myles was born (there were times when I seriously thought I was going into labor, though, and he would miss everything!!). My family arrived a week prior to Myles’ birth, and we had an induction date scheduled for March 20th, which was perfect because my dad’s flight left the morning of the 21st. I called to make sure we were still set for the induction date, and got bad news. My OB hadn’t secured the date after all, and they were completely booked for inductions on the 20th. The earliest they’d be able to do it was on the 21st. However, my OB assured me that he thought Myles would arrive before then.

Needless to say, Myles was stubborn and wanted to stay in there for as long as possible. It was with tears in my eyes that I said goodbye to my dad – who had to go back to work – the night of the 20th. I was very sad that my dad wouldn’t get to see our son for at least 5 months, but I totally believe in God’s timing, and I’m sure there’s a reason He predestined Myles to be born on the 21st.

Anyway, this was the only time we’d ever made it to our induction date (both our girls came earlier) and I must say that it was pure bliss, signing into our room like we were doing nothing more than checking in to a hotel. Later that afternoon, after experiencing about five minutes of pain before begging for an epidural (I have zero pain tolerance), Myles was born and we were ecstatic! The following two days were a blur, thanks to Percocet, but I remember being pretty euphoric and so grateful that my family was finally complete.

So, here’s to all those mothers out there who are as relieved as I am that they don’t have to be pregnant ever again!!!!! Wooo!

As this pregnancy progresses, I am filled with more and more excitement to be having a boy. Shawn is also very excited! Hopefully he’ll be here for the birth – unless this baby decides to come more than 3 weeks early. Unfortunately, this might be a possibility, seeing as how Fletcher was born a full 3 weeks early. We’re praying for perfect timing, which is all we can do at this point.

Another thing I’m struggling with as time goes on is finding clothes that not only fit, but look somewhat decent. This is easier said than done. I’m very picky, and I don’t like spending a whole lot of money on clothes I’ll probably only wear for a few months. The only option I have left is shopping at Plato’s Closet or thrift stores. I usually walk away with a few gems every time I go, though (and yeeeees, I will always make time to look around in Forever 21 to see what I can find… Lately, it’s been nothing but crop tops, which aren’t exactly attractive on me at this point).

Anyway, seeing as this is our last pregnancy, I’m going to try to enjoy it despite the fact that I really don’t like being pregnant. I know I would regret it if I don’t try to enjoy this while it lasts, though. So that’s what I’m going to try and do! 🙂