Canadian Thanksgiving

Well, jeez, it’s already time to start celebrating Christmas… And I haven’t even shared the photos we took during Canadian thanksgiving (from October). I wrote a brief post about it on Facebook, but I wanted to share a little more about why this holiday is so precious to me. I grew up in Canada, and even though I moved to the States a while ago, I still hold on to my Roots.

In the thirteen years since I’ve known Shawn, he has never ever had the chance to spend Thanksgiving with us in Canada. I couldn’t believe that God orchestrated it in such a way that not only were we on the East coast Thanksgiving weekend, but Shawn also had a 4-day break from the school he’s in. You have no idea how much of a non-coincidence that is, so I can only say that God knew my heart needed this. And to top it all off, it was our first Canadian thanksgiving all together as a family, Myles having been born last March. So, this was no small deal for our family!

Naturally, I had to get my mom to snap a few shots of us (actually, we took about 400 shots because do you have any freaking idea how hard it is to get just one good shot of five different people?!!!). Thanks for your patience, mom!!! 😉I was able to snap a few photos of a few of my other family members who were able to spend the weekend with us! Above: The Graham family and the Lane family. Ally is pregnant with their third son and is due in 2019! Below: My sister, Tiffany and her husband, Matt.Above: my cousin, Bronte (coolest name, ever, in my opinion – pronounced Bron-tee) and her boyfriend, Mike. Below: My cousin, Zack, who loves to spend time on the dock, looking out at the water. He is autistic, so I love to capture special, candid moments like this. He is such an amazing and sweet soul.

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