Amsterdam. Honestly, what on earth could I say about this amazing, trendy, and exciting city that hasn’t been said before? Yup, a cliché within another cliché, but I don’t give a rip. What a fun trip, though! My mom and I got to walk around the city quite a bit, and I felt like we really knew our way around by the end of our time there. I’m going to try to make it short and sweet, but I’d love for you to experience a little taste of our adventure in Amsterdam.

I’ll start with the photo above. Amsterdam’s flag has an interesting background, with plenty of theories as to what the three Xs represent. Our tour guide maintained that the three Xs are indicative of the three different enemies of Amsterdam: fire, flooding, and the plague. I shot that photo of a patriotic dude carrying their flag down the street, celebrating the victory of some sort of soccer game that they won… Yeah, I have no clue about anything related to the World Cup. Or anything sports-related, for that matter. But the excitement in the atmosphere was extremely captivating and contagious! I felt very invigorated, walking back to our hotel, surrounded by giddy Dutchmen!

On our first day in Amsterdam, we visited a cheese factory out in the country, where the owner of this cheese farm not only made his own aged-cheese, but also carved tons of the infamous wooden shoes that you see everywhere in the Netherlands.

Windmills is another thing I noticed almost everywhere in the Netherlands. They serve many different purposes, and they are still used to this day to create a plethora of different materials.

Cow (above).

Oh my gosh, I still look back on pictures of Amsterdam with a huge smile on my face! I love this city so much! The Canals add such a Venice-like feel to this city, and yet there’s such a unique trendiness to it all.

Not long after my mom and I ventured into the city, we found this adorable little café, which extended its seating outdoors, in the middle of a not-so-busy plaza. It was so relaxing!

Ok, so the two pictures above were taken in this bar that literally vanished as soon as we stepped outside. Ok, not literally, but we searched for hours the following day to try and find it again (it had Old Mout Cider, which is from New Zealand, and is the best cider I’ve ever tasted in my entire life). No luck. But we got to know our way around Amsterdam while trying to look for it, that’s for sure!

Isn’t my mom beautiful (above)?! Even though I wasn’t able to travel to Europe with Shawn this time, I’m so glad I was able to go with my mom. Not only is she a really fun person to be around, but she understands me on a deep level, and she puts up with me!!! She knew how much I was missing my family during our stay in Europe, even though I was so grateful to be there – and I didn’t have to say one word about it. She just knew. I am so incredibly blessed to be her daughter.

Ok, back to the tour… The pictures taken above and below were just outside a highly-recommended Indonesian restaurant called Kantjil. If you’re ever in Amsterdam, I would find out how to get to this restaurant, because the food is absolutely amazing!

Oh. My. Soul. THE CHEESE…. I ate SO much cheese. It was everywhere, with plenty of samples to try. I couldn’t stop eating it. I was full all the time! I still dream about the cheese there – it is so much better than anything I’ve ever tasted. And on average, it wasn’t as pricey as it can get in the States!

Our hotel was so adorable and trendy! Below was the restaurant/bar area where we would eat a quick breakfast before heading to the city. I almost hated leaving the calm and trendy atmosphere… Almost!

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