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Eddie is over two years old now, so he’s almost fully-grown… He’s 18 lbs now, but he’ll probably get up to 25! Eddie is a [Ragdoll] cat – and yes, that’s a real breed. We got him from the same breeder as our first Ragdoll cat, Tony. In fact, they are brothers. Unfortunately, Tony passed away from a heart attack over two years ago, which was horrible to witness. Actually, we haven’t really had a lot of luck when it comes to cats. This is our fourth cat in almost ten years of marriage!! We’re hoping that Eddie lives a long and healthy life!

Anyway, I don’t really blog a lot about our animals (we also have a dog named Charlie), but I saw a few perfect photo opportunities and couldn’t help myself. And since I’ve got your attention, I wanted to tell you a bit about our dog-cat. He has to be an indoor cat because he’s not very suspicious. He trusts everyone, and he’s incredibly social – all our friends can attest. He’s very patient with both our girls – Marlowe drags him around the house by the tail and Fletcher likes to hug the crap outta’ him. He does nothing to stop those daily shenanigans – he doesn’t even run away!

We love our big boy, and although the reason we got him was very sad – Tony passed away so our breeder offered to give Eddie to us for free – I really enjoy having him around. I must admit that at first he was wayyyy too crazy, what with his attempts at escaping every time we opened the front door and jumping on top of the counter to steal food, but he’s settled down now and Shawn and I really love him. And the girls do, too! 😉


You guys, it was 80 degrees today in the Springs!! I opened every window in our house and it was just the pleasant-ist.

Two cool things happened today: First, Marlowe is officially enrolled in gymnastics and she got to go today! She loves it and talked about it before/after nonstop. Second, I ran into a seriously old friend, and it was SO FREAKING COOL to see her! I had no idea she moved to Colorado Springs! I went around the corner of the gymnastics studio, and there she was. We both stopped moving, stood there for a second, and took in the sight of each other. Then we both screamed – as women do when they get excited, amiright? – and hugged each other! I might have been jumping up and down while doing so, I don’t know. It was kind of a blur. Small world!

So, ok, back to my post. I am in love with spring clothing! Marlowe and I have matching hats (mine is [here]) and I plan on being twins a lot this year. So long, winter… I realize that after saying that, it’s probably going to snow again soon. That’s just the way it is here, I guess.

Have a wonderful week!

I am starting to get overwhelmed with the amount of stuff in our house. SO MUCH STUFF. And so much of it is unnecessary – like the decor which overcrowds the table beside our couch. There isn’t even room to set a cup down… And that’s what it’s is there for! I also feel like our kitchen counters are overcrowded with decor, too. I’m telling you, when we move, I’m going to be downsizing.

Simple is better.

That’s kinda’ the motto I had in mind when I decorated Marlowe’s room. There is very little clutter, which makes it easier to child-proof a bedroom. Each piece has meaning and was chosen with care.

My favorite part about my sweet girl’s bedroom is the “mountain wall”. I am really picky, so painting it wasn’t easy. Before applying the base coat, I had to tape the wall just right so the mountains would look the way I wanted them to. I’m not joking when I say that I taped and re-taped about 7 times before it looked right. It wasn’t easy, and it took all day. BUT!!! Totally worth it! I love it, and I will probably do it at our next house!

P.S. When I say that we’re moving, I don’t mean anytime soon, for those of you who are wondering. I just know that somewhere down the line, we will be packing our things and saying goodbye to Colorado. And to be honest, I’m more than ready to get the heck out of here asap… I’m eager to live in a place where the freaking sun isn’t shining 300 days out of the year. Yuck (give me cloudy days, all of my days)!